Beware of These ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Actually Super High in Calorie

Diet. Healthy food. Less calorie meals.

Junk food lovers might have already skipped that line. However, you may reach one point in your life (or just now) when you have to seriously go through everything you are hogging on to!

It’s your body, you need to choose the right food. Your responsibility.

5 Healthy Foods with High Calories

‘Healthy’ Foods That Are Actually High on Calorie

Healthy foods are appreciating. However, overeating the same foods can cause trouble.

We like the mantra of ‘having everything in moderation’. I am not suggesting you to completely cut-off the following foods, rather have it in small portions.

Packaged Yogurt

Packaged Yogurt

The yogurt which you usually buy from the stores contains a lot of sugar and preservatives. Go with homemade yogurt or curd, the best choice.

Peanut Butter

Used for low-carb diets, but just like other nuts – peanuts are high on protein, vitamins, and even the calories! Also, the oils added for the preparation of the butter takes the calorie count to the next level.

So, next time when you are on it – take a moderate portion of the butter along with your wholegrain toast.



Just because you are having salad, it doesn’t always count to be healthy. Salads are never ‘just the leafy mix’. It may contain oil, cream, fried croutons etc. Salad with steamed chicken or turkey or a complete green salad would be my recommendations.

Dark Chocolate

They have high anti-oxidant properties and one among the favorite things for the fitness freaks. But hold on before eating the whole bar. Dark chocolates are better than the white ones, however, it comes with added sugar. Have it in moderation.



Well, avocados are definitely good for health. Quality source of vitamin E and C which keeps the skin glowing and fresh. However, they produce polyunsaturated fats that makes it high in calories. I know, many of you love eating it but try to cut down the portion to one-fourth of the pear in a day.

Do you have any thoughts to share? Share them in the comment space below, and also let us know why is eating right important to you.