Why Bar and Grills Should Have Table Tennis Area?

Who said you need to go the TT courtrooms for playing a ping pong game? You can now have an exciting and challenging ping pong match at your nearest Bars and Grill places!

Hey, I am not kidding! The fact is these days, hotels and bars are changing their concept of cozy interiors by including space for recreational activities. This helps in bringing people closer to one another, and also builds up the connection. Are there any other benefits of this setup? Let’s find out.

Why Bar and Grills Should Have Table Tennis Area?

You enter a restaurant, have a filling meal, and then go home-sleep. That’s a normal scene.

Now, instead of going home – imagine if there was a gaming session for free along with eating. You played along with your friends and then left for home. That’s the main difference. We shall find out the pros of having such arrangement at Bars and Grills:

Best Way to Socialise

If I get to socialize at a place in the best way, I would be more loyal to that place. That’s the same thing here. With the inclusion of sports and the positive vibe, you will feel like visiting the place again and again.

Builds up the Value and Profit

Every business that values their customer will always be profit. You will feel like paying less and enjoying more as you take small food bites and focus more on the game. As the hotel owner, you can take the idea a notch higher by including small fee registration for the games, and by keeping a trainer for better pro ping pong tips.

Extends the Contact Hours

Activities like the ping pong matches will make you stay longer at the cafe or the bars. This high-intensity game will tire you out, and you would have to wait in for some extra minutes. During this waiting or resting time, the hotel staff gets a chance to interact with the customers and get the feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Benefit for All

The presence of activities or any form of sport at bars benefits both the parties. It helps with maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a customer, while on the other end increases the sales and profit of the bar owner.

What could you conclude with this? Of course, ping pong games would be fun-filled, and enjoyable to the visitors. Have you been to a similar place? Let us know your thoughts or any additional insight on this concept. Ciao!