VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews Updated

This faucet boasts a variety of features and options that make it stand out from similar pull-out kitchen spray faucets.

Best of all, the VIGO VG02001STK2 is competitively priced, offering the same performance and style as top-end faucets but at mid-range prices.

However, just because the VIGO VG02001STK2 offers a wide range of useful features, that doesn’t mean this particular faucet is for every home owner.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews

My goal is to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.  So, with that in mind, I have included what I’ve uncovered about the VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull-Out Kitchen Spray Faucet below.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull-Out Faucet Features

  • Constructed out of solid brass with a polished stainless steel finish
  • Specially-designed spray nozzle manufactured to reduce mineral build-up
  • Pull-out spiral faucet head featuring two powerful spray modes – stream and spray.
  • Single-handle water control lever – for pinpoint accuracy on setting water temperature and flow rate.
  • Includes a solid brass, 10 oz. soap dispenser with a self-priming pump.
  • 360-swivel design – for reaching all areas in and around the sink
  • Retractable faucet head that can extend a maximum length of 30”

VIGO Pull-Out Kitchen Spray Faucet Functionality

Functionality is where the VIGO VG02001STK2 shines brightest.  The single-handle water control lever adjusts very smoothly, allowing for pin-point accuracy of desired water temperature and flow volume.

Speaking of flow volume, the VIGO can achieve flow rates up to 2.2 GPM – giving users the adequate amount and pressure in both stream and spray modes.

Functionality is only improved with the inclusion of the accompanying top-filled soap dispenser that eliminates the need for an external soap container.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Design

The VIGO VG02001STK2 was specifically designed with the contemporary modern kitchen in mind.

From it’s elegant spiral pull-out faucet head to its stainless steel finish, this faucet will look great in a large variety of kitchen designs and styles.

Not only does the design add to the faucet’s aesthetic appeal, it also greatly improves functionality.  The faucet features a 360-degree swivel spout that enables full coverage of the sink and its outer diameter.

Also, the retractable spray head works well for filling pots that will not easily fit into the sink.

VIGO Pull-Out Faucet Durability

Upon first sight and first touch, it’s easy to see that the one of VIGO’s priorities in faucet design is durability.

The faucet is made almost entirely of solid brass and has a good weight to it.  The faucet also utilizes the ceramic disc cartridge, which virtually eliminates any maintenance issues.

As a matter of fact, VIGO is so confident in the durability of the VIGO VG02001STK2 that it offers a limited lifetime warranty in addition to a 1-Year Limited Warranty for the soap dispenser.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pros and Cons

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pros and Cons


Pull-out spray faucets have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.

A surge in demand is usually accompanied by an increase in purchase price.  Thankfully, the VIGO VG02001STK2 has maintained a very competitive and affordable price.

The VIGO VG02001STK2 achieves top-notch functionality and durability while not sacrificing aesthetic appeal.  One of the biggest appeals of this particular model is its sleek and luxurious design.


As of right now, the faucet is only offered in a stainless steel finish with a black hose.  While this is fine for most consumers, other wish the faucet offered more finish options.

One customer wished that the faucet had more water pressure.

However, there are a lot of other factors that can influence a faucet’s water pressure, and with a flow rate of 2.2 GPM, low water pressure is the rare exception and not the norm.

What Customers Are Saying

What Customers Are Saying

There are currently 18 reviews for the VIGO VG02001STK2 on Amazon.

From these reviews it is clear that the faucet is extremely well-made, has a nice, strong water flow, and can help turn a standard kitchen into a stylish, professional-looking one.

Click here to learn more about the VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull-Out Kitchen Spray Faucet, read what other consumers are saying, and get some of the cheapest prices available.