KRAUS KPF-2230SN & KOHLER K-15160-CP Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The inclusion of Kraus KPF-2230 SN pull out kitchen faucet with a single lever to kitchen supplies has benefited many homeowners who wanted to have a kitchen faucet with the sleek design, durability and an aerated flow spray head at an affordable price.

The faucet is loaded with many features and available at a cheaper price than many faucets with same features.

However, before making any decision, let us first have some really admirable features of the faucet.

KRAUS KPF-2230SN Single Lever Kitchen Faucet Reviews

KRAUS KPF-2230SN Single Lever Kitchen Faucet Reviews 

Kraus KPF-2230 SN single lever kitchen faucet with the pull out is made of solid brass and is available in triple plated satin nickel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze finishes.

KRAUS KPF-2230SN kitchen faucet features

  1. The faucet comes with hot/cold waterlines as well as mounting tools and hardware
  2.  Better water pressure (2.2 GPM)
  3. Good maneuverability (the faucet spray head can swivel up to 180 degrees)
  4. 28 inches long hose for easy applications
  5. Faucet height=15.2 inches
  6. Spout height= 8.1 inches
  7. Featured with the dual pull out spray spout with a powerful spray or an aerated flow
  8. Heavy construction with solid brass
  9. Honored with Limited life time warranty by Kraus
  10.  Easy installation, do not require any professional plumber

Sleek design and durability

The kitchen faucet with its elegant design is made of solid brass that proves its enhanced strength and durability.

With satin nickel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze finish the faucet not only provides good look but also it does not corrode or tarnish.


The spout swivels to 180 degrees that provides enough space in your sink to work.

Therefore, if you have more kitchen utensils to wash you do not need to worry because you can easily work on centre, left or right side of your sink.

Drip-Free Operations

Kraus KPF-2230 SN kitchen faucet is equipped with the drip free ceramic cartridge system which guarantees lifetime leak free operations.

Because of its properties the ceramic cartridge does not wear off for long time however special care should be given during the installation of the faucet to avoid any metal particles to come between ceramic discs.

Better water pressure

With 2.2 gallon per minute flow it is enough to wash anything in your kitchen faucet. It is also good to save water because your faucet would not busy for long time.


One of the best things that Kraus KPF-2230 SN kitchen faucet has is its durability.

Because of solid brass material the faucet is long lasting. Also, its dual pull out spout head with a powerful spray makes it a good buy for many homeowners.

Its simple design, easy installation and the leak free operation are added advantages that many homeowners appreciate.  At the price of $170 at, it could be a great deal for many people.


A few people have claimed the spout head to be made of the plastic material but it is just a manufacturing defect that is observed in a few units. But, all those faucets with such abnormalities have been replaced.

Customer’s opinions

Till the date, there are 41 real reviews available at Its features are highly admired by the people who own it at their kitchens. It has currently 4.1 stars out five at Amazon.

“A great product at a very reasonable price” by A. Eller

“Excellent faucet for the price. Do not let the bad reviews scare you off.

KOHLER K-15160-CP Pullout Spray Faucet Reviews

KOHLER K-15160-CP Pullout Spray Faucet Reviews

The sleek looking Coralais Faucet from Kohler is an ideally suited product for someone looking for reliability and style.

The most appreciated features of this product are the ergonomical design of the lever handle and the spout with amazingly smooth curves. The pullout spray head is beautifully color matched and makes it easy to use.

The operation is tangle free and quiet, thanks to the nylon hose and ball joint swivel. Mineral build up is reduced by the MasterClean technology.

There is also a highly useful temperature memory system that allows the faucet to be switched on and off at any temperature. This feature also protects the faucet from accidental scalding.

Along with amazing looks and functionality, all parts of this product are extremely sturdy and durable.

This product brings with it, the trust and reliability of Kohler. The company has been providing state of the art products since almost 150 years now.

For some buyers, the name of seller is enough to give it a try. The large pool of satisfied customers has provided an overall rating of 4 stars for the Coralais Faucet from Kohler.

The Negative Reviews

During our review, some customers stated that the Coralais Faucet from Kohler is an over hyped product that does have serious flaws. Given below are some of the points that came up during the discussion.

Some customers mentioned that the product has broken twice within a year of use. Sometimes water leaks from the pullout joint of the faucet.

Many users have complained that the rate of water flow from the faucet is very low. This problem worsens after the installation of a new cartridge. Many parts are made out of plastic instead of metal.

The faucet frequently tends to remain stuck on the spray mode because the buttons at the top do not function properly. Another problem is that the faucet is the short length of the supply tubes.

The Positive Reviews

The views from the majority of the customers were completely the opposite of the views that we have discussed so far. They have thanked the manufacturer for providing them exactly what they were looking for.

This faucet looks great and performs even better, according to these users. Some users have mentioned that the pull out spay design is probably the best that can be found in any of the available faucets.

There is high quality rubber seal at the bottom where the faucet connects to the faucet to the counter top. This prevents any type of leakage that is a typical problem with many other faucets.

Customers have mentioned that the temperatures can be changed very easily.

The one touch control to choose between spray and the stream is also highly efficient. The installation process of the faucet is easy and does not take much time.

The Conclusion

During our review, we found that most of the customers bought this product because they trust the brand name of Kohler.

The product has done well to live up to the expectation of these customers. There have been some reported issues with the product, too.

However, looking at the low percentage of such cases, they can be considered as nothing more than exceptions. This is one of the best choices in terms of reliability and utility.

Moen 77200 CSL & Moen 7594CSL Arbor Kitchen Faucet Reviews

And Moen 77200 CSL AquaSuite kitchen faucet can be a great product for people who want high arc, good looking finish to last long, filtration mechanism and easy to install faucet for their kitchen.

The faucet is available in oil rubbed bronze, chrome as well as in stainless steel finish.

The faucet meets Vermont’s S152, California’s AB 1953 and ADA guidelines for physically challenged users.

Moen 77200 CSL Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Moen 77200 CSL Kitchen Faucet Reviews

So, if you are planning for re-modeling your kitchen with a ble, built-in system for water purification then Moen 77200CSL is a best faucet water filter to buy.

Features of Moen 77200 CSL AquaSuite Kitchen faucets:

  1. Built-in water filtration system provides fresh and filtered wate
  2. It is under Moen’s LifeShine finish warranty, and therefore you need not to worry about flake off, corrosion and tarnish of your faucet.
  3. Easy to use with single handle lever
  4. Controlled water flow (2.2 gallon/minute)
  5. Single hole deck mount installation
  6. Its weight is approx 5.4 pounds and available in dimensions of 23.6”  x11.9”  x3.6”


  • Durable and attractive design backed with limited lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with built-in filtration system, with durable filter life and a reasonable cost of replacement. Additionally, it is equipped with filter indicator (light) and suggests when you need filter replacement.
  • Great alternative for homeowners who get bottled water delivery
  • Easy and quick installation, you do not need a plumber if you go through the installation manual.
  • Better water pressure
  • Valves work fine with just reasonable amount of resistance.


  • Plastic water hoses could be replaced by threaded water hoses.

Real customers’ Reviews:

A product cannot be claimed good or bad if it is not tested personally. And therefore, it is must to know what the users are experiencing with the product.

“It is the faucet what I was searching for a long time” by Miller K. Patrick

“Looks like a better water filtration system with a faucet” by Iflysan

“A great faucet which comes with everything you may require in a faucet” by Keegan. R

Final verdict

After going through all the real users’ reviews, special features, pros and cons of the Moen 77200 CSL kitchen faucets it is clearly visible that the faucet is a great product to buy.

Also, it is highly rated at Amazon which proves that this Moen kitchen faucet is favorite of customers.

Moen 7594CSL Arbor Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Moen 7594CSL Arbor Kitchen Faucet Reviews 

The 7594CSL One Handle Kitchen Faucet from Moen is one of the top rated kitchen faucets in the market.

This user friendly product offers a host of enviable features along with amazing durability and style. T

he highly efficient Reflex Pulldown mechanism provides benefits like secure docking, easy movement, and smooth operation. The sprayer is equipped with features like pause, powerful rinse, and aerator.

Two other important features are the Duralast Cartridge and the Hydrolock Installation system.

The cartridge is responsible for maintaining the fine tuning of temperature balance. The special installation system ensures easy installation without any additional tools.

The product is compliant with the norms ofADA. All parts of the product are sturdy enough to handle rough handling for a longer period of time.

The 7594CSL One Handle Kitchen Faucet from Moen is one of the top 10 bestselling kitchen sink faucets, according to

It has an impressive user rating of 4.5 stars based on the feedback from users. This review will provide you an impartial opinion about this product.

The Negative Reviews

The product has received very few negative feedbacks so far. Some of the points revealed are as listed below.

Some users have complained that the faucet is way too large than they thought.

This can be a serious problem with users who have a space problem in their kitchen. Some customers had to return the item for this problem.

Some others have complained about extremely delayed shipping. Delivery of the package with missing parts has also been reported.

We have also received feedbacks which said that the installation process is extremely difficult unless users have some basic knowledge of plumbing.

In many cases, the process involved many hours of struggle before the installation could be completed.

Due to the high arc, water tends to splash back while using the shower stream mode. In the rarest of occasions, users have faced the problem of leakage for different parts.

However, the users have also mentioned that the leakage could be due to improper installation.

The Positive Reviews

The 7594CSL One Handle Kitchen Faucet has been strongly recommended by over 80% of the users. They have used this kitchen faucet for long enough without any serious concern.

Customers like the extremely useful pullout feature. This feature has an easy to operate switch that allows to pause temporarily or to change the mode to spray output.

Installation process is amazingly easy, and it took even less than 30 minutes in some cases. Most customers have denied about the splashing of water when it hits the surface of the sink.

The different parts of the machine are very sturdy and provide durability to it.  We have also asked them about the leakage problem.

However, almost all of them have confirmed that they have not faced any such issues.

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The Conclusion

Fantastic features and durable structure make it the perfect choice if you are looking for a high-class kitchen faucet for your home.

The product has received very few negative remarks from the users, and those remarks were too insignificant to be considered seriously. This faucet is for those who settle for only the best.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews Updated

This faucet boasts a variety of features and options that make it stand out from similar pull-out kitchen spray faucets.

Best of all, the VIGO VG02001STK2 is competitively priced, offering the same performance and style as top-end faucets but at mid-range prices.

However, just because the VIGO VG02001STK2 offers a wide range of useful features, that doesn’t mean this particular faucet is for every home owner.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews

My goal is to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.  So, with that in mind, I have included what I’ve uncovered about the VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull-Out Kitchen Spray Faucet below.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull-Out Faucet Features

  • Constructed out of solid brass with a polished stainless steel finish
  • Specially-designed spray nozzle manufactured to reduce mineral build-up
  • Pull-out spiral faucet head featuring two powerful spray modes – stream and spray.
  • Single-handle water control lever – for pinpoint accuracy on setting water temperature and flow rate.
  • Includes a solid brass, 10 oz. soap dispenser with a self-priming pump.
  • 360-swivel design – for reaching all areas in and around the sink
  • Retractable faucet head that can extend a maximum length of 30”

VIGO Pull-Out Kitchen Spray Faucet Functionality

Functionality is where the VIGO VG02001STK2 shines brightest.  The single-handle water control lever adjusts very smoothly, allowing for pin-point accuracy of desired water temperature and flow volume.

Speaking of flow volume, the VIGO can achieve flow rates up to 2.2 GPM – giving users the adequate amount and pressure in both stream and spray modes.

Functionality is only improved with the inclusion of the accompanying top-filled soap dispenser that eliminates the need for an external soap container.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Design

The VIGO VG02001STK2 was specifically designed with the contemporary modern kitchen in mind.

From it’s elegant spiral pull-out faucet head to its stainless steel finish, this faucet will look great in a large variety of kitchen designs and styles.

Not only does the design add to the faucet’s aesthetic appeal, it also greatly improves functionality.  The faucet features a 360-degree swivel spout that enables full coverage of the sink and its outer diameter.

Also, the retractable spray head works well for filling pots that will not easily fit into the sink.

VIGO Pull-Out Faucet Durability

Upon first sight and first touch, it’s easy to see that the one of VIGO’s priorities in faucet design is durability.

The faucet is made almost entirely of solid brass and has a good weight to it.  The faucet also utilizes the ceramic disc cartridge, which virtually eliminates any maintenance issues.

As a matter of fact, VIGO is so confident in the durability of the VIGO VG02001STK2 that it offers a limited lifetime warranty in addition to a 1-Year Limited Warranty for the soap dispenser.

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pros and Cons

VIGO VG02001STK2 Pros and Cons


Pull-out spray faucets have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.

A surge in demand is usually accompanied by an increase in purchase price.  Thankfully, the VIGO VG02001STK2 has maintained a very competitive and affordable price.

The VIGO VG02001STK2 achieves top-notch functionality and durability while not sacrificing aesthetic appeal.  One of the biggest appeals of this particular model is its sleek and luxurious design.


As of right now, the faucet is only offered in a stainless steel finish with a black hose.  While this is fine for most consumers, other wish the faucet offered more finish options.

One customer wished that the faucet had more water pressure.

However, there are a lot of other factors that can influence a faucet’s water pressure, and with a flow rate of 2.2 GPM, low water pressure is the rare exception and not the norm.

What Customers Are Saying

What Customers Are Saying

There are currently 18 reviews for the VIGO VG02001STK2 on Amazon.

From these reviews it is clear that the faucet is extremely well-made, has a nice, strong water flow, and can help turn a standard kitchen into a stylish, professional-looking one.

Click here to learn more about the VIGO VG02001STK2 Pull-Out Kitchen Spray Faucet, read what other consumers are saying, and get some of the cheapest prices available.

Pegasus 67136-2001 & KOHLER K-10411-CP Faucet Reviews 2017

You want your kitchen to be a well-designed space that fits your lifestyle and needs.  So be sure to fill your space with only the best fixtures available.

The Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet is one that you should consider adding to your short list for replacing or upgrading your current kitchen faucet.

The Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet will give a stylish, vintage look to your kitchen with its raised body style.

It provides plenty of clearance for cooking pots or cleaning with its high spout design.  A side sprayer also accompanies this unit, providing easy water access for large, deep sinks. 

The Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet is very affordable, highly rated and backed by a quality company that stands by their product with a lifetime limited warranty.

You can find the Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet and a variety of others at  Click here for additional pricing and information.

Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The unit is easy to and comes with a ceramic disc cartridge incorporated in the faucet’s design which assures no drips.  And because the disc is a durable ceramic, it won’t require frequent replacement.

Faucets can be expensive and very expensive if you choose one of poor quality.  Replacing your is not something that you want to replace often.

There are not as many reviews online for this product as there are for some others but the reviews we did find for the Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet were excellent, receiving 5 out of 5 stars.

Most people felt this faucet was an absolute bargain when comparedto similar styled more expensive faucets.

Many reviewers raved about the unique and elegant style of this kitchen faucet.  They enjoyed showing it off to friends and family.

They were very pleased with the overall height and clearance of the faucet, having no problems fitting large pots underneath.

Some commented that there were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the matching sprayer.

Pegasus 67136-2001 Lyndhurst Series Features and Specification

  • Includes lever handles and matching spray

  • 4-hole sink plus an 8’’ on-center

  • 13-3/8-Inch spout height; 9-1/16-Inch spout reach; 10-3/4-Inch aerator clearance

  • High arc spout swings 360 degrees

  • Flow rate reaches up to 2.2GPM

  • Available in a variety of finishes

Most liked the weight of the weight of the sprayer as it did not seem cheap and plasticky but cautioned to be careful using it with a porcelain sink.

While most everyone loved the sprayer, one person did comment that it was hard for them to operate.

KOHLER K-10411-CP Faucet Reviews

KOHLER K-10411-CP Faucet Reviews

The KOHLER K10411 is a sleek, single control modern kitchen faucet which has the added benefit of easy installation.

The faucet is designed to be resistant to abrasions, debris and hard water due to the ceramic disc valve.

The one-piece ceramic disc valve effortlessly crushes and eliminates line debris that could potentially damage the faucet.

The unit is equipped with a high-temperature limit stop for keeping the water temperature at a safe level, which helps to avoid accidental scalding.  

All Kohler kitchen faucets come with a lifetime limited warranty**.  This faucet is available in 4 finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome Vibrant Brushed Nickel and Vibrant Stainless.

Base on our research, we found to have the best prices for kitchen faucets including the KOHLER Forte Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet.   Click here for additional pricing and information.

KOHLER K10411 CP Forte Single Control Kitchen Faucet Features and Specification

  • 22″ flexible stainless steel braided supplies for easy installation
  • Aerated water flow to reduce water usage
  • One-piece ceramic disc valve removes line debris for leak-free faucet
  • Maximum flow rate of 1.5GPM at 60psi
  • 3/8″ fitting on hoses fastens directly to stops for faster hook-up
  • High-temperature limit stop allows you to preset a temperature to prevent scalding

KOHLER K10411 CP Forte Single Control Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The reviews for this kitchen faucet were very positive, receiving 5 out 5 stars as well as high praise from satisfied customers.

A number of reviewers commented on how much they loved the design and style and especially the smooth finish of the faucet.  They found the clearance of the nozzle adequate when filling large pot and water pictures.

If you use a on-faucet water filter, you may have difficulty attaching it due to the curvy finish.  You may have to swap your filter for a different style or brand.

After doing their own research, many stated they best prices on-line versus their local hardware stores or retail shops.  The price and overall looks of the faucet is what seemed to attracted most people.

KOHLER K10411 CP Forte Single Control Kitchen Faucet Summary

We are proud to recommend this Kohler kitchen faucet as an excellent choice for those of you who are price conscious.

While this faucet is not as feature rich as some of the higher end products, it does offer exceptional value and better quality in some cases when compared to some of the more expensive faucets.

With the great overall ratings and customer feedback, we believe you should definitely take a look at this kitchen faucet.

Delta 9178-SS-DST Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2017

Joining the competition for the best kitchen faucet this set boasts a teapot-inspired high-arc spout that swivels a complete 360 degrees, DIAMOND Seal Technology, and a pull down spray wand equipped with MagnaTite docking.

Customers have stated their elation over the smoothness of the control lever that adjusts the water flow and temperature as well as over its heavy duty construct materials.

It is heavy and it feels solid, a far more reassuring stainless steel product than others. It’s actually a pleasant surprise that something so elegant and functional can also be very sturdily built to last.

Delta 9178-SS-DST Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Delta 9178-SS-DST Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Leland’s DIAMOND Seal Technology is another positive for customers.

The ability of this system to prevent water from touching the metals inside the faucet is a great way of preventing the formation of rust and tainting the water with a metallic taste.

The Good and the Bad


  • Full circle swivel provides totally flexible access to sink area
  • Highly durable stainless steel and DIAMOND Seal Technology
  • Very good price for the quality
  • Magnet docking keeps sprayhead firmly in place
  • Choice of stream flow or spray with the flick of a switch


  • Threading the hose through the faucet may be difficult
  • Trim ring connecting the faucet to the sink is made of plastic

Key Features of the Delta 9178-SS-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This Delta kitchen faucet has earned general praise from customers thanks to the following key features:

  • 360-degree swivel teapot-inspired high-arc stainless steel spout
  • Single-hand control for easy flow and temperature adjustment
  • Dual-spray function pull-down sprayhead with MagnaTite docking
  • DIAMOND Seal Technology increases durability and lifespan

360-Degree Swivel Teapot-Inspired High-Arc Stainless Steel Spout

The Leland kitchen faucet from Delta’s brilliant minds sports a 14 and 7/8-inch high stainless steel high-arc spout that can swivel a full 360 degrees.

This feature alone gives you excellent coverage of the entire sink area and flexibility with washing dishes of even large sizes or heights.

It gives you plenty of room to maneuver wide trays and tall pots under the spout while doing so elegantly.

Single-Hand Control

Single-Hand Control

Adjusting the water flow and even the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet are as easy as smoothly pulling out the lever at the side.

With an optimum 1.8 gallons per minute (gpm) at 60 pounds per square inch rate, alternating between full flow, moderate, and low flow feels smooth and precise at your fingertips.

Dual-Spray Function Pull-Down Sprayhead with MagnaTite Docking

Flexibility and functionality are two of the more practical features of this Delta kitchen faucet.

Fitted with a 59-inch hose designed for a 20-inch maximum reach, this kitchen faucet sports a detachable spray wand you can easily pull-down from the spout to access the underside or any side for that matter of any piece of kitchen utensil you need thoroughly washed.

The switch on the nozzle easily lets you alternate between stream flow and spray.

Reattaching the spray wand to the spout utilizes a unique mechanism via the MagnaTite docking where precisely installed magnets pull back the wand at the perfect angles, consistently giving you a docking system that prevents wear and looseness over time that may happen with other docking systems.

DIAMOND Seal Technology

Delta takes a step further as they fit their products in contention for the best kitchen faucet title with their revolutionary advanced technology that utilizes the toughness and purity of diamonds.

The Leland uses a tough valve lined with diamonds which prevents the inner working of the entire faucet to resist wear and degradation for at least literally 5 million uses.

This layer also prevents the water from making contact with any metal element in the faucet so you will be sure the water coming out isn’t tinged with anything you don’t want.

Final Thoughts

This Delta kitchen faucet has gotten a rave of positive reviews at Amazon from more than satisfied customers.

The reason being that it is absolutely one of the most high-quality faucet available on the market with its star-studded features and fantastic ergonomic external design.

Group all those together under a very affordable price tag of ~$150 and you have a bargain that’s hard to beat.

The detachable spray wand has also gotten into the good end of the customers’ rainbows.

Most reviewers love the MagnaTite docking mechanism where replacing the spray wand back into the spout is as easy as locking it back in place with the use of strong magnets.

In this way, there are no spring mechanisms that carry the risk for being snagged or obstructed, nor are there any dead weight mechanisms that can come loose over time.

The magnet docking ensures that the spray wand will stay securely fastened to the spout no matter how many times you pull it down.

The only real gripe with the Leland is its trim ring being made of plastic. The trim ring is the ring that connects the faucet to your sink or countertop. Being plastic, it is easy to see how it can be a bit flimsy.

One customer, unfortunately, found out just how flimsy when a water surge from their supplier sent the faucet flying from underneath it, thanks to the plastic trim ring not being able to hold it in.

Besides this, it’s really hard to find fault with the Leland, and from the number of reviews rating it a 5-star product, the majority agrees.